On October 6, 1981, Anwar Sadat was gunned down at a peace rally by the Brotherhood, a group of Islamic radicals also linked to 9/11. Tragically, Anwar Sadat’s quest for peace ended in heartbreak and bloodshed, forever altering the life of the First Lady of Egypt, Jehan Sadat.

Marilyn Hickey’s heart went out to this brave widow from the East who she admired from her Western world.

“As I reflected on her dedication to her husband, her country, and her people, I felt challenged and in awe. Surely, God, I can give more, reach more, too, with your help. Never had I dreamed that a year later the remarkable Jehan Sadat would invite me to tea—all because of a foolish mistake I had made.”

“Jehan’s actions revealed to me that she believed a Muslim and a Christian could sit down, have tea, and build bridges. And that my Christian prayers were welcomed. Her humanitarian heart reached out to me, and God was growing something inside of me that I didn’t fully understand. This brief encounter, you could say, was the beginning of a greater understanding of “love your neighbor as yourself”—even if the neighbor is Muslim.”

Dinner With Muhammad details Marilyn’s remarkable journey of building bridges between Christians and Muslims for over thirty years – the friendships, miracles, historical tensions, challenges – and how it commenced from her time with Jehan.

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